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From her prenatal visits, through the birth and even follow up visits to make sure me, baby, and dad are all doing okay. I can honestly say I would not have gotten through my sons birth without Jennifer.

This was my husbands and mine first baby. I was not prepared for the short 8 hours of intense labor.

My contractions started as soon as my water broke and were immediately 1-3 minutes apart. I was exhausted, scared, nervous, tense...

But as soon as Jennifer got to my house she immediately was able to calm me down and helped me work through my contractions. 

I truly have a whole new appreciation for doulas and the amazing work they do. Jennifer is definitely someone my husband and I will always be beyond grateful for!!

Victoria McMullan

Jen was absolutely amazing!

It was our first pregnancy and we were expecting twins! 

We we're expecting a natural birth but ended up having a C-section and Jen still showed up! 

Talk about deditcated! 

The fact that we we're expecting twins was very nerve wracking for my husband and I at first because we did not know what to expect. 

After we started meeting with Jen a lot of our worries were put at ease, not only because she is an awesome doula, but because she is a mother of twins herself!

 I learned so much and learned not to worry if one is doing something that the other isn't. 

She taught me that one is always a little quicker than the other, but they both catch on eventually. 

Raising this girls has been so fun so far and they will be 1 soon! 

I can't thank Jen enough for being there for us!

Rebekah Todd

Jennifer is a phenomenal doula.

I truly believe I would not have gotten my desired birth outcome without her support and I will be forever grateful. She knows just what to say and do to get you through! 

Elizabeth Michelle


Her encouraging words helped so much

Jen helped me to achieve an epidural free birth in the hospital

and supported myself and my husband every step of the way. 

Labor did not go as planned, my water broke before the onset of real labor 

and I was given pitocin 12 hours later after no progression.

She was very knowledgeable in what positions were best for baby and I 

as well as how to cope with the pain. 

Her encouraging words helped so much when I was wanting the epidural 

and I truly believe I did not get it because of her!

Jessica Munnia

I couldn't have asked for anything more!

Jennifer brought such great support and caring attention at our recent first child's delivery. 

She provided great information and guidance based on our exact needs. 

Jenn arrived in great time when she was needed, all thru delivery and even stayed after to ensure I was taken care of and relaxed. 

Her professional manner yet positive reinforcement delivered ease to me during such a crucial time of delivery.

I couldn't have asked for anything more! 

My husband and I highly recommend her services to anyone needing trusted doula!

Lilac & Anthony

Highly recommend this service

Reached out for doula service and received Jennifer G. services who was amazing help!

She helped ease the pain and overcome delivery anxiety! 

Her calming techniques, knowledge and support truly helped during my time of need.

Highly recommend this service for those who would like additional support during delivery. 

They are worth every moment of help that can be provided!

Lila Y.

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