Frequently Asked Questions

How did you train to become a doula? 

I have completed Dona training. 

Do you do continue doula education?

Yes, I am currently going through Stillbirthday Doula training. And I am looking for other training opportunities to come available.

What is your doula style?

Birth is a very personal and intimate experience. My goal is to help you experience birth as close as possible to your hopes and dreams. My style is flexible because my approach is based on your needs. I help prepare you for birth, coach you through the birth, and support you after birth.  

What’s it like working with you?

If we proceed in our relationship, I will help you prepare for birth. We’ll discuss what happens  during birth, ways to prepare for birth. what to expect before after birth and breast feeding. I will also of corse attend your birth.  See Doulas Do

What is your most commonly used support techniques? 

My most often used techniques are hip squeeze, guided breathing, and guided relaxation. 

How many births have you attended?

I have been with over 60 moms during birth. 

Do you have a backup doula? If so, may I meet her?  

I have several doulas I use as back up. I can arrange for one to commit to being your backup and yes, you can meet with her. 

Have you attended c-section births?

I have attended both planned and unplanned c-sections. 

Have you attended home births?

I have been to birth center birth but no home births yet. 

How do you feel about epidurals or any pain medication?

I believe mom should feel free and confident in her options. Whatever she chooses, I help her with her choice, for example, breathing through labor pains or making positions changes after an epidural. 

How do you help with breastfeeding after delivery? 

Part of my process is to discuss breastfeeding during the pregnancy. After delivery, I help mom by telling her how to position the baby and how to be as comfortable as possible.  I will help position the baby on the breast only if  mom asks me to.

How long do you stay after the delivery? 

I like to stay long enough for both mom and baby to eat and until the family is feeling settled. Sometimes that is an hour sometimes longer.