San Antonio Doula Care

Pregnancy and birth is my work my hobby and my continued study. 

Let’s Doula this


Yes, Doula is an adjective not just a noun. What I do changes from mom to mom and moment to moment. As your doula I do it all. I listen, learn, teach, serve, and love on you and your family. 

The first and most important part of doulaing is getting to know you. I need to know about your pregnancy and your goals for delivery. After I know all about your goals I can keep you informed of options in reach them. 

When it comes time for the big day, that’s when the Doulaing really begins. I will be there to hold your hand, answer questions, and keep you on task. I help you keep focused on your birth goals and remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. I will also make recommendations to keep the process moving and keep you as comfortable as possible.  

During postpartum, again your goals are my goals. Anything you want done right away or if you’re wanting things delayed until later, I help to keep your goals the focus of the day. If you need help with breastfeeding or getting yourself a meal I am there to serve you. 

During that first week of transition I come and check and see how you are doing and if you would like me to help in anyway during your postpartum recovery. 


Never Stop Learning

My Doula Training